"This work shows Helander's strongest points as a collage artist -- an intelligent, unpretentious sense of both humor and design."
- Amy Fine Collins, Art in America
"Helander utilizes the formal structure of collage, with its juxtaposition of images, to open up to viewers multiple layers of reality."
- Sandra Yolles, ARTnews
"Bruce Helander is a camp-it-up comedian, a shameless romantic, and an intelligent abstractionist: this is an unusual combination."
- Jed Perl, The New Criterion
"Bruce Helander masters his collages with wit, experience, and style. He is the unrivaled eye. His compositions toy, they entertain, they surprise, they awe."
- Addison Parks, The Christian Science Monitor
"Signor Bruce -- egreggio collaggiore! His clothes are a collage! His whole house is a collage! His whole weltanschauung is a collage. Helander out-collages Braque."
-Tom Wolfe
"...this South Florida treasure is crashing into the big time. Hard work and originality have paid off."
-Helen Kohen, Miami Herald
"Given all the good (and bad) collages since Picasso and Braque, it's surprising that Helander's collages are surprising...they are skillful color combinations and densely balanced compositions."
-Nancy Grove, Art & Antiques
"A whimsical whirlwind of a man...who takes his cue from the great Dada masters, particularly Schwitters, and mixes in a bit of the best of Pop..."
-Richard Merkin, Contributing Editor, Vanity Fair
"Renaissance Man Helander creates half-abstracted, half-realistic assemblages which are sophisticated visual stimuli imbued with urbane wit and whimsy."
-Boston Globe
"Arguably the most recognized and successful collage artist in the country..."
-City Link Magazine
"If there was a Pulitzer Prize for collage, Helander would surely win it."
-Kenworth Moffett, former director Museum of Art, Fort Lauderdale, Gold Coast Magazine












Installation view, December, 2009, New Works by Bruce Helander at Miami Art Space/Art Basel Miami
Photo credit: Sargent Architectural Photography

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